Where I Stand on …

TAXES – We need to be fiscally conservative and smart with how we spend our tax dollars. I would like to see the Supervisory Union and the County governments (Windsor and Orange) audited — there’s some big money flowing through those places.

EDUCATION – With Act 46 launched, we need to watchdog the promises of more opportunity for our students and costs savings that were promised.

AGRICULTURE – How do we see our farms through to the next generation, where sons and daughters can take over? We need to help farmers get retail value for their products.

SENIORS – We need to make it possible for our seniors to grow old here — that includes creating small-scale assisted-living and nursing home communities, as well as intergeneration education program tapping the wisdom and knowledge of seniors.

HEALTHCARE – We need to move towards a simple single-payer model. Just navigating today’s health care system causes severe anxiety.

ENVIRONMENT – Climate Change is real. We should focus on local and state solution. For example, why do we have 10 kids riding giant school buses to and from schools?

GUNS – Guns are not the problem; the problem is that too many angry, violent people have access to guns. We need to tackle the mental health crisis in our country, and with it, the opiate addiction crisis and the domestic abuse crisis, too.

INTERNET – If we want to attract middle-class families to rural Vermont, we need to have high-speed internet to every door, and close to 100% cell phone coverage.

SMALL BUSINESS – We need to support our small businesses and not forget that schools (including Vermont Law School) and municipal governments are also small businesses and important employers.

CONSTITUENTS – Representatives should be there for their constituents, even those who didn’t vote for them. We live in a time where there are so many forms of communication, and yet, so much miscommunication and impersonal communication, that the opportunity to talk to a helpful or kind human being can turn a bad day into a good day.