Meet John


John O’Brien lives in the hills of Tunbridge, Vermont, with his wife and two sons.

Always drawn to politics, John O’Brien was a Political Science major at Harvard, passionate about Government, hoping to follow his Senator father’s footsteps. Derailed for a few years by his love of filmmaking (a career that is by no means over!) John feels that he could certainly do some good in these tricky times where Vermont teeters between old and new, and things are so uncertain and disjointed for our special state and country. Living on Moody Hill with his wife and two sons, he is civic minded and deeply involved in all aspects of this community, volunteering for many organizations, from the school, fire department, little league and library, to serving for the last few years on our Selectboard, and elected a Justice of the Peace for around 20 years. John jokes that his parents were the first “outsiders” to move to town since it was chartered. But born and raised here, John has been farming in, and appreciating Tunbridge his entire life and never wants to leave. Honest and hardworking, he’s eager to be a voice for our district. Please lend him your fine support in the coming weeks!


When John is not running for office, you can find him on his farm, where the chores are neverending.


Paid for by John O’Brien State Rep Campaign
73 Moody Road
Tunbridge VT 05077

Jena Young, Treasurer